Capital City Half Marathon Training: Week 1

Yes, it’s true.  I’ve decided to train for the Capital City Half Marathon.  The capital city in question being my home town of Columbus, OH. A few friends at home have been thinking of doing it, and it worked out that the 12 weeks of training started this week. I was just about ready for a new “plan” so it worked out pretty well.

Cow Town

Monday = 3.2 miles on the TM. This week was been wacky at work so I had time in the middle of the day to pop to the gym. 40 minutes for 3.2 miles.
Tuesday = 30 Day Shred. Usually a yoga day, but I had plans after work. Got a good workout in, but I think after long last, it’s time to move on to Level 2!
Wednesday = 4 miles. I decided to check out the Fleet Feet Chicks Night run. It was fun! Seemed like a nice group of women, and I liked checking out a new path along the river. Felt great to be with a larger group, safety in numbers and all that. Planned on 3 but did 4 to stay with the group I was with. And when we got back… COOKIES! 🙂 Will definitely do this one again.
Weigh In Wednesday 2.15.12: -2.6 Two big weeks in a row.
Thursday = Decided to do 30 minutes of Wii step during Parks and Rec. 🙂
Friday = 3 miles.  Really good outside run. Weather was GREAT. Incredibly warm for February.
Saturday = 4 miles outside. Decided to run the river path again. Was a good run, and another beautiful day. My pace was REALLY fast, 10:45 so want to work on slowing up a bit to keep my pace/endurance up. I am wondering how the longer runs will go if I’m on my own… I’m broke and can’t afford another CARA Training program right now. 😦
Sunday = 30 minutes on the elliptical!

I’m looking forward to it, C-Bus!


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