Race Recap: Cupid’s Chase 5k

Cupid’s Chase.  Race #8.  5k #6.

Time: 33:14

Yes!  A NEW PR!

This definitely feels like my reward for getting out there and DOING it.  I ran the F^3 Half Marathon exactly two weeks ago, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this run.  I had it on my calendar, but didn’t even register until Wednesday.  I have only been on a few runs, and just was not dedicated to this one.

Yesterday, we got about 3 inches of snow, and I spent all last night listening to the wind LITERALLY howling outside my windows.  It was COLD.  I was contemplating just staying home, warm and cozy.  But who set’s PRs staying warm and cozy?!  Ended up leaving home later than I wanted, but it worked out ok.  The race was in Lincoln Park, and I got there about 10 minutes before the start.

I am REALLY thankful for the volunteers at this one.  It’s one thing to be running in 10 degree cold, and another to be standing around for a solid 2-3 hours collecting bags, passing out water, cheering people on, etc.  They had some heaters, but still, THANK YOU volunteers!  I got there with just enough time to check my bag and head to the start.  I am also forever thankful for my favorite cold running jacket, the Brooks Utopia Hoodie.  I LOVE it.

I started more towards the front this time, and the course was a little frustrating to start out.  Usually when the runners cross the start line, things clear out pretty quickly.  This race never quite opened up for me to feel like I really had space to jus concentrate on me, and not worry about everyone around me.  I think I may continue to start further back, where things tend to space out faster.  The cold was frustrating, and I could tell that it was affecting everyone.  Lots of sniffling and coughing!

I hit the first mile with a time of 13:20, but I think this had a lot to do with the pacing at the start.  Another tricky part of this race was that it was pretty much an out and back, so by the time we hit the Mile 1 marker, the finishers were coming back around.  So, our already cramped group and to squeeze in to allow finishers space to come through.  This got particularly tricky at the Diversey bridge, which is under construction and has a few poor souls sleeping there to keep warm in this brutal cold.

When we hit Mile 2, I got all fumbly!  Time was 23:20, which means I did the 2nd mile in about 10 minutes.  I’d hit a perfect and FAST stride.  Felt great.  Then one of my earbuds came out.  Usually this is no big deal.  But the earbud was on under a headband.  Which was on under a hat.  Which was under a face mask.  And I had mittens on.  So, I tried to put it back in, but it just wasn’t working.  I ended up taking the mittens off, and messing with the earphone for a second.  Eventually, I’d heated up enough that I wanted to take off the hat all together.  So I pulled it off, but my headband came with it.  So I had to take the band off and run with it on my wrist.  Just a clumsy debacle…  all the while running on the ice!

One of the reasons I signed up for this race was the option to claim yourself “Available” or “Unavailable” on your race shirt.  I thought this was a cute detail.  🙂  And while all this fumbling was going on, I was of course running with the first group of age appropriate available men…  and I looked a mess.  Hahahahahah.

Finished this one strong, and felt great!


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One Response to Race Recap: Cupid’s Chase 5k

  1. Janet K says:

    Dude. You are AWESOME!!!

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