Half Marathon Training: Week 11

1.16 – 1.21 Eleventh week of training = Done

Monday = DOR/Travel Day.  No exercise today.
Tuesday = Supposed to be a yoga day.  I ended up going to the gym and doing a few miles on the treadmill instead, the yoga instructor that I like was out of town.
Wednesday = 6 miles.  Felt wonderful.  Ran Lawrence to the Lake, south to Irving Park, then north up Damen back home.  It was cold, but I felt really good about the run.
Weigh In Wednesday 1.18.12: -1.0 Incredibly happy with this because I spent the weekend eating cookies, drinking sparkly wine, having sushi, sake and Asahi…
Thursday = Yoga DVD at home.
Friday = Post work run.
Saturday = Terrible day.  It snowed a few inches Friday night, and I was just in a slump.  Have a bad habit of feeling bad about things I can’t change, was completely depressed and couldn’t get out the door for our long run.  Blargh.
Sunday = Was totally rushed, but did 20 minutes on the elliptical before work.  Overall, a hard week to get back in to the swing of things, was emotionally in a funk, but moving forward.


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