Half Marathon Training: Week 9

1.2 – 1.8 Ninth week of training = Done!

Monday = Holy cow, one of the most miserable runs yet.  Day off, and it snowed a bit last night.  Got ready, and decided to try out my new Yak Trax!  It wasn’t super snowy, but wanted to try them just in case.  I decided to run the lakefront today.  The worst part of today’s run was getting started.  Tried to get used to the trax, and the weather.  Lots of frustrating things to deal with and was just not in it mentally.  Made it to the lake and ran south to Belmont then back up north.  Ended up taking the bus back home, I was FREEZING.  It was crazy windy and I just could not keep myself motivated this time.  5.6 of 6 miles, and I still feel pretty happy with myself getting this one done.
Tuesday = Back to work (back to life…. back to reality!).  Felt really good about being in a routine again.  Came home from work to dinner in the crockpot.  Had a bowl of soup, then went to yoga.  I was running late (d’oh) and it was the most crowded I’ve seen class!  Not even any spare mats, so I was in the back on the (gross) carpet.

Natalie Dee knows what i'm sayin...

Still, yoga was great, and as always, I was happy to be there!
Wednesday = 4.2 miles on the treadmill.  Got to the gym early.  Started off grueling, but got better.  Realized I love the way my calves looked to day…  HUGE VICTORY.
Weigh In Wednesday 1.4.11: -2.2 Take THAT, holidays!
Thursday = Day of rest!!!
Friday = 5 mile run.  I ran the lakefront path today, it was warm!  I even ran it in my shorts 🙂  Jackson to Belmont.  Oddly lost the running pat at North Avenue and did some weird twists and turns in the park, but eventually found my way.  Felt pretty good.
Saturday = Longest run yet!  A 9 miler with the group.  This run took us south from Montrose all the way past North Ave.  (And now I know the way, so hopefully I won’t get lost 🙂  On the way back, I had to use the bathroom, so I told the group to go ahead.  There weren’t any open restrooms and the Museum was closed, so I just kept going.  Saw the group for awhile in front of me, but decided to keep at my own pace.  I walked for a half mile (at mile 7), my quads were just SCREAMING.  But I got to a point where I knew if I didn’t start running again, I would be walking the rest of the way home.  So, ran the rest of the way north.  Tried to go a bit further to make up for that 1/2 mile.  Tiring, and I was sore the rest of the day.  But felt better!
Sunday = Headed out to use the elliptical soon, but waiting for a new couch delivery first!

In L.A. next weekend, so I’m worried about not getting a lot of runs in, but I will be diligent about what I do Monday-Thursday!


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