Half Marathon Training: Week 8

12.26 – 1.1 Eight week of training = Done!

Monday = Yoga DVD at home.
Tuesday = Ended up taking a DOR today.  I was on Ohio, it was cold and raining, and my brother and niece came over to play games all day. Their arrival also meant free reign to snack, too much salty junk food.
Wednesday = 4.2 miles in Grandview.  It was a pretty good run, guessing at time but had about a 12:30 mile.
Weigh In Wednesday 12.7.11: +1.2 I was pretty bummed about this.  I had a few slip ups, lots of salty snacks but had been keeping up with my running.  Started this week with better tracking.  I hope it will pay off this week!
Thursday = Good 5.2 mile run today.  I ended up going north to UA, up NW Blvd past Lane Ave.  Felt pretty good, a little chilly, and was thrown off by the lack of sidewalks on the return run, but felt OK.  Glad to keep motivated.
Friday = Yoga while packing 🙂
Saturday = 8 New Years Eve miles with group!  Unseasonably warm weather today.  Did not want to drag myself out of bed today, really just tired and lazy.  The 4 mile turn around is the North Ave bridge.  We stopped at the CARA water fountain near Diversey, about mile 3 and stretched, then stretched at the turn around and again at the fountain (about mile 5).  The last 3 miles were pretty tough, mentally.  It turns out that our pace was pretty fast, so one pacer and I slowed down to exactly 12 minute miles.  Felt better to find that rhythm.  I was INCREDIBLY happy to end 2011 by conquering my longest run yet.  Felt hydrated enough, but very sore.  My left quad and right hamstring were both really tight, need to work on stretching before and after runs, for longer and better.
Sunday = Happy 2012! I started off the New Year in the gym! 30 minutes on elliptical and 35 minutes on the arc trainer.  Was a great workout!

Happy New Year, followers.  On to Week 9, 1/2 Marathon is in 4 weeks!!!


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