Half Marathon Training: Week 7

12.19-12.25 seventh week of training = Done!

Monday = Had to take another day off.  Felt really off all day at work on Monday, was totally wiped out and felt nauseous and feverish.  Came home and went to bed at 10:00.  I think the weekend was way too much and I needed a break!
Tuesday = Good night.  I ran 1.7 on the treadmill, then did yoga for an hour, then got back on the TM for 2.7 more miles.  Original intention was 5 miles, but that gets so hard to do on the treadmill…
Wednesday = DOR, was flying home.  Walked laps in the airport.
Weigh In Wednesday (on Tuesday) 12.20.11: -1.4 (Hit my -50lb mark)
Thursday = 4.5 miles outside, rainy loop in Grandview.  Was a much slower pace than normal, but felt great after it was over.
Friday = 4 miles inside. Ran laps on the track at dad’s gym.  Also doing some yoga later this afternoon.
Saturday = Planned 6 miles.  I think I will do the same Thursday loop, adding a 1.5mi loop.  Want to get out early, to get “recovered” early and be tip top for the rest of the holiday celebrations.
Sunday = DOR for Christmas holiday!

I’ve been staying pretty much on plan this week, trying not to let holiday sweets tempt me.  Keeping up with my water intake has been helpful with that.  I am feeling pretty in control this week!


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