What is 50 lbs?

50 lbs is….

Six gallons of

gallon of milk
six gallons = 50 lbs

A small

Small hay bale
Smally hay bale = 50 lbs

The weight limit for luggage on most airlines.

over packed suitcase
Weight limit = 50lbs!

A large

Large bag of dog food
Bag of dog food = 50 lb.

The amount of weight Rob McElhenney has gained for this season of “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.”

Because Fat Mac is funnier…?








The average weight of

A seven year old
An average seven year old weighs 50 lbs.

…and the amount of weight I have lost since March 9, 2011.  Nine months of tracking, C25k-ing, Wii Fit-ing,  running, portion controlling, and life changing activities!

Before + During picture
July 2010 and September 2011

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