Race Recap: Jingle Bell Run 5k

The Jingle Bell Run was my 6th race of 2011.

Time: 35:34

Yes!  On 12.17.11, I broke my own PR (personal record).  In the SNOW.

Let’s talk about this more.  I started running with C25k (Couch to 5k) on May 23.  Seven months ago, to be exact.  I started running in rainy spring.  I had some really beautiful running weather, even though I didn’t even know what that was yet.  By the time I finished C25k, all ten weeks of it, including the extra week I had to repeat because I wasn’t ready to move forward, I ran in the morning, I ran at night, I ran in the rain, and I ran in the scorching August heat.  When it got too hot, I ran on the treadmill, and joined the gym.  C25k changed my active life, and turned me in to the runner I am.

2 weeks ago, as part of my 1/2 marathon training, I ran when it was 10 degrees.  THAT felt hardcore.  But the snow really threw me off.  It may  have had something to do with the fall I had a few weeks ago.  Walking out the front door and in to the snow in my running shoes just felt totally wrong.  I could feel my feet slipping on the sidewalk, and it just didn’t feel right.

The race started and ended at the Peggy Notebart Museum.  It was a little zoo-ey in the museum as the Green City Farmers market was also taking place, but there’s nothing like vendors selling organic fresh roasted chestnuts to get you in to the holiday mood!  I checked my bag and went to the bathroom, etc. getting pre-race jitters.  When the museum lobby got too crowded, I waited outside.  Yep…  still snowing.  I tried to wait under the entryway to keep from getting too much snow on me, but even that got crazy crowded.

I went to the starting line and ended up doing a few warmup laps.  I have seen in some running/race tips that some people recommend a warm-up mile before a race.  This may seem like a crazy idea, but the more I think of it, the more I think that is a good idea  The key is to not allow too much time to pass between your warm up and the race start.  I feel like I waited in the starting line up for too long.

The first quarter mile or so was just getting used to the ground, and trying not to fall.  I was more aware of everyone around me, and watching their footfalls too.  After awhile of that, I had to remind myself that if I stared at the ground too long I would do just as much damage if I ran in to something ahead of me!  First mile and the clock read 11:45.  Whaaat?  I have NEVER seen a clock lower that 13:00 at Mile 1.  I secretly smiled, then reminded myself to slow down.  Mile 1-2 was something of a struggle.  My brain wasn’t in the game.  Too distracted by trying to talk myself out of wanting to stop, and trying to just concentrate on sloooowing down my pace.  Mile 2: 23:30.  Still way fast.  The turn around and the return 1.5 was the slipperiest, but that is where I felt I hit my stride.  By Mile 3 (35:00) I felt like I could run 3 more miles.

Official chip time showed that I beat my own PR, in the snow.  Yay!

Now back to concentrating on training for F^3 Half Marathon.  Was supposed to be an 8 mile run yesterday, but I turned my focus to the 5k instead.  Going to make up for it with 3 miles on the treadmill today.


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