Half Marathon Training: Week 5

12.5-12.11 Fifth week of training = Done!

Monday = 4 mile run outside.  Still running along Ravenswood!  It was a little chilly but not too bad.
Tuesday = Stretch & Strength.  I didn’t end up doing my strength tonight.  For whatever reason I was exhausted after work.  Took a lot of energy to get out the door to yoga, but I made it.  Need to remember how great I feel after those days!
Wednesday = 4 mile run on the treadmill.  Trying to work on some speed/increase intervals.  Mostly, this makes the time feel more manageable.  They have reorganized the gym so the TMs face each other.  They are really close together, so often you find yourself face to face with another sweating, jogging, miserable lady.  Not fun!
Weigh In Wednesday 12.7.11: +2.0 
Thursday = DOR
Friday = 4 miles inside. Boring and not much to report!
Saturday = 7 miles with group. I was really nervous about this one.  I had a melt down after last week’s fall.  I was not feeling ready, I was not feeling “good enough” for this run.  I emailed my pace leader to tell her I was planning on running slower and taking it easy on the way back, and she was fine with that.  I read up on trying to stay hydrated and get the right foods etc. to avoid post run crashing.

I woke up Saturday morning and it was cold.  Not just a little cold.  The weather channel said it felt like 6 degrees.  I had breakfast, had some water and got ready to go.  Unfortunately, there were no buses coming either.  Let me tell you this.  Nothing will make you want to talk yourself out of something MORE than knowing you have to walk a mile and a half to the lake, to run 7 miles which you have been dreading when it is that cold outside.  But guess what?  I did it anyway.  I was also REALLY late.  So at the 1.5 mile marker at Lawrence, I started running on my own.  If I met the group, cool.  If not, that’s ok.  I have to say, I missed having the group there to have company, and keep my mind off the weather.  But it was also nice to know I could stop whenever I wanted without someone checking in on me.  I ran to Theater on the Lake (at Fullerton) and hadn’t seen a mile marker since the split at Belmont Harbor.  So I figured that was a good turn around.  Had a few Gel Blocks (they came free in a race bag), drank some water, stretched, and headed back.  Did I mention it was 10 degrees?  I had to stop on the way and put on another mitten because my fingers were numb.  Totally insane.

With about 2 miles remaining, I heard some people behind me.  Turns out, it was my pace group.  🙂  At a split in the path, they went right where I had gone left.  Meeting up with them reinforced for me that despite my stops and stretches, I was still pretty much right on pace with my group.  They also kept me going for the last 2 miles.

Had breakfast and a bath as soon as I got home, felt ok for the morning, but got the same headache in the afternoon.  It usually lasts a few hours.  Trying to work out what the crash is all about!



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