New experiences and Ethiopian food!

I have been spending the past few weeks struggling with how to keep my social life as active as it has been, without being bitter about “trying to lose weight.” I have tried a few tricks, I’ve ordered club soda and lime at the bar, I’ve had one drink to my normal 4, and now it is starting to be a habit.

Last night was a friend’s birthday and we all got together for Ethiopian food. I had never tried it before, so I was really excited to have this new experience. The food was great, I’m not 100% how to track it all, but that was honestly the furthest thing from my mind. I tried little bits of so many delicious dishes, and of all things, my favorite was the spinach. I could not get enough of it! I managed to turn down the proffered glasses of wine, stick to great food, and enjoy the company.

This group brought together a wonderful mix of people, so I met some new folks last nigh. We ordered appetizers, very similar to Indian samosas, called sambussa. They are triangles, filled with different meat or lentil mixes, and fried. They were relatively small, and cut in half, so of course I tried them. One of our party adamantly refused the appetizer, claiming “I am on a diet. I DON’T EAT FRIED FOOD.” And at that moment, I felt very grateful to Weight Watchers. I have not been overindulging in fried food, but I have been eating SMART. I know how many PPs fried food can be, and instead of eating that whole tray full of fried food, I can share this new (delicious) experience with my friends. I am in control. I didn’t have to announce it to the room. It felt great.


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