Half Marathon Training: Week 1

First week of training = Done!

Monday = Dreadmill, 2.5 miles
Tuesday = Stretch & Strength.  I am doing JM 30 Day Shred and yoga.
Wednesday = Supposed to be group run.  No group, just me in the rain. Wah wah.
Thursday = DAY. OF. REST.  How I enjoyed that!
Friday = 3 miles outside
Saturday = 4 miles.  First group run.
Sunday = 30 min. cross training (elliptical).

Saturday’s group run was good.  I had to the Lakefront, and ended up getting there just as the groups were starting off.  Luckily, i’m in the last group 😉  I am running with the 12 minute mile group.  There is also a “Walk/Run” group, I’m curious about that one, but I have a feeling the dynamic would be too odd to switch it up.

This is the first time I’ve run with a group, and it is great to have someone keeping pace.  We did four miles, it felt manageable, and there were moments when some folks would walk then catch up, we stopped for water, etc.  I did buy a palm water bottle and I’m glad I did.  Had a late night Friday, and felt pretty tired and dehydrated.  I know that next week I need to focus on drinking more water the night before.  Felt the effects of not hydrating enough the rest of the day yesterday, headache, tired, etc.

I’ve made a few adjustments to the printed schedule in the book, because I have more time for runs on Mondays and I love the Tuesday yoga instructor at the gym, so tomorrow morning = 3 mile run!  Have to get up early for it, breakfast plans at 10:30 🙂

5 miles this Saturday, I want to be ready for it as Saturday is my only day off and I’d like to be able to get lots of errands done instead of feeling headache-y all day!

Thanks for listening, folks…

Originally posted 11.13.11


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