A very acheivable goal

I have been feeling great.  I have had some motivational slumps, but I have an excellent support system that I found on the message boards.  I am really proud of all the participants of the September Fitness Challenge, over 130 people have committed to being fit in September.  I really feel like things are changing for me, the big picture looks much better to me these days.  I think I would like my next step to be working as a WW receptionist in my neighborhood.

I just looked and it looks like you should be within 10lbs of your healthy BMI range.  I still have about 20lbs to go to qualify for that, but at this point a really tangible goal with such positive outcomes feels much better than “when I lose 10lbs I will get a pedicure.”  How about, when I lose 20lbs I will encourage people through the difficult times just like someone encouraged me?

Originally posted 9.14.11


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