My ME time

I’ve been thinking a lot about the focus on personal time that we talked about in this week’s meeting. I definitely consider myself a “yes” person, which is how I have managed to work a great full time job that I love, currently being supplemented with freelance work for my old boss because I couldn’t say “no.” This can all add up to 10 straight days of work some weeks, and it can be exhausting! I do Weight Watchers at work, so I always make sure I have time to go to my meetings, and I manage to run to the store 2-3 times a week after work, or on my way some days, but my “ME” time is seriously lacking.

I have recently been really enjoying Netflix Instant Streaming, and have been getting caught up on shows and rewatching things I haven’t seen for years. This includes Twin Peaks (!!!). Through Netflix, I had the chance to watch all the first season of Archer. Now, this is not everyone’s cup of tea… it has harsh language, horrifying characters, and ridiculous storylines, but I LOVE it. New episodes are on Thursday nights. And for various reasons (meetings, dinners, working shifts for other people) I haven’t seen it for weeks.

So, for my ME time this week? Me, the Wii Fit Step, and an hour of Archer. YES!


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